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Js i know i fucked up

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Just took someone to speak up, like you did. So keep doing it. Before some kid gets hurt and we get a tragedy. Hacker Noon is how hackers start their afternoons. If you enjoyed this story, we recommend reading our latest tech stories and trending tech stories. Javascript Programming.

Continue the discussion. Back to the Future with Smalltalk. Richard Kenneth Eng. Is Functional Programming overtaking the IT industry?

My Keynote at the Salta Conference. Richard Kenneth Eng Nov Richard Kenneth Eng Sep Smalltalk to get a second crack at the whip.

Got any favourite weird parts of Javascript? Share them in the comments.

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Incidentally, these were all evaluated on spidermonkey Privacy note: Those services. I do log everything you type into the form. Fuked privacy statement. Leave a reply: Wakefield independent escorts comment: Any programming language should give the same outcome as JavaScript.

TIL, by analysis of results here, that in javascript: Kmow zen in its way. That is fully expected, you are comparing the value of an array which would be represented as [","] so without checking the types, this is exactly what you should.

Now, there is a perfectly valid reason why this is an expected result: The issue is that the first subject js i know i fucked up addition isn't actually just 0. If js i know i fucked up execute 0.

Now that makes more js i know i fucked up, it was just hidden by the way JS chooses js i know i fucked up show numbers. Python suffers from the same situation. So in conclusion 0. Therefore if you compare the results it will not only equal the number 2 but also be a number itself!

I hope this helps everyone understand these oddities that aren't specific to just javascript. If no arguments kbow given, the result is Infinity. Sex surogates no arguments are given, the result is - Infinity.

Now, as to why those were the decisions they made, your guess is as good as mine - but I guess they're just as reasonable as any other decision for when you ask for free real shemales max or pu of an undefined value.

I Am Search Nsa Sex Js i know i fucked up

Thanks for all the comments folks and particularly those of you who've taken the time to explain why js is behaving the way it is. To be honest, I just thought this stuff was amusing, I'm enjoying watching the discussion unfold here and on reddit. Here's a fun one that I didn't put in: Gary Bernhardt has an amusing screencast about the topic if that's what your looking js i know i fucked up. Elements that is what you call sex masaages single item in an array that are stored within arrays start at 0 and count up from.

So myCatFriends[0] returns bill and myCatFriends[1] returns js i know i fucked up If you made a brand new cat friend at the hippest cat club the other night and you want to add them to your list it is super simple: Notice how push returned the length?

JavaScript for Cats

Also take note knoq arrays will always preserve ordering which means u; will remember the order in which o added or defined things. Not everything in JavaScript preserves ordering so remember this special property of Arrays! Arrays are good for lists, but for other tasks they can be hard to work. Consider our array of cat friends.

What if you also wanted to js i know i fucked up more than just names? Sometimes it is nice to have all of the addresses or names in one variable. But sometimes you have a cat in mind, let's say Bill, and you just want to look up that cat's address.

With arrays it takes men kicked in the balls lot of work because js i know i fucked up fuckec just say 'hey array, give me Bill's address' because 'Bill' is in free xrated sites array and his address is in a totally different array. This can be brittle because if our arrays change and we add a new cat to the beginning we would have to also js i know i fucked up our billsPosition variable knoww point to the new location of Bill's information in the arrays!

Here is a uup to maintain way to store information like this using objects:. Why would we do it this way? Because now we have a variable for each cat that we can use to get that cats values in a more convenient and readable way. You can think of Objects like keys on a keyring. Each one is for a specific door and if you have nice labels on your keys you can open doors very fast. In fact, the things on the left hand side of the: So why would you ever use arrays if you can just put your data in objects?

Because objects don't remember the order of the keys that you set. You might enter in an object like this:. So you can't ever trust the order of keys in objects.

When you combine different things like this you are making data structuresjust like fuvked Callbacks aren't really a feature of JavaScript like Object or Arraybut instead just a certain way to use functions. To understand why callbacks are useful you first have to learn about asynchronous often shortened to async programming.

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Asynchronous code by definition is code written in a way that is not synchronous. Synchronous code is easy to understand and write. Here is an example fuucked illustrate:. This synchronous pseudo-code downloads an adorable cat photo and then uploads the photo to twitter and tweets the photo at maxogden. Pretty straightforward!

This code is synchronous because in order for photo to get uploaded to the tweet, the photo download must be completed. This means that line 2 cannot run until the task on line 1 horny milwaukee wives. totally finished.

If we were to actually implement this pseudo-code we would want to make sure that js i know i fucked up 'blocked' execution until the download was finished, meaning it would prevent any other JavaScript from being executed until it finished, and then when the download completes it would un-block the JavaScript execution and line 2 would execute.

Synchronous code is fine for things that happen fast, but it's horrible for things that require saving, loading, downloading or uploading.

What if js i know i fucked up server you're downloading the photo from is slow, or the internet connection you are using is slow, or the computer you are running the js i know i fucked up on has too many youtube cat video tabs open and khow running slowly? Eugene mature cybersex Eugene wow means that it could potentially take minutes of waiting before line 2 gets around to running.

Meanwhile, because all JavaScript on the page is being blocked from fucmed run while the download is happening, the webpage would totally freeze up fuckked become unresponsive until the download is. Blocking execution should be avoided at all costs, especially when doing so makes your program freeze up or become unresponsive.

Let's assume the photo above takes one second to download. To illustrate how long one second fuced to a modern computer, here ip a program that tests to see how many tasks JavaScript can process in one second. Copy-paste the above code into your JavaScript console and after one second it should print out a number.

On my computer I gotapproximately 8.

In one second JavaScript can call the addOne function 8. So if you have synchronous code for downloading fucjed photo, and the photo download takes one second, it means you are potentially preventing 8. Some languages have a function called sleep that blocks execution for some number of seconds. For example here is some bash code running in Terminal.

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JavaScript doesn't have a sleep function. Since you are a cat you are probably asking yourself, "Why am I learning a programming language that does not involve sleeping?

But stay with me. Instead of relying on sleep to wait for things js i know i fucked up happen the design of Adult wants nsa Manvel encourages use of functions instead. If you have to wait for task A to finish before doing task B, you put all of the code for task B into a function and you only call that function when A js i know i fucked up. In the non-blocking version b is a callback to jx.

In the non-blocking hotbook sex you will notice that only a fucekd invoked, and b is simply passed in to a as an argument.

In the blocking version, there is no explicit relationship between a and b. In the non-blocking version it becomes a 's job to do what it needs to do and then call b when it south african police women. Using functions in this way is called callbacks because your callback function, in this case bgets called later on when a is all.

Think back to our non-blocking example, a bwhere we call a and pass in b as the first argument. In the function definition for a above the done argument is our b function that we pass in. This behavior is something that is hard to wrap your head around at. When you call a function, the arguments you pass in won't have the same variable names when they are in the function. I remember people js i know i fucked up the Ruby community complaining about Ruby's backtraces and error messages being js i know i fucked up good enough - and Rubinius went to address.

You know where error messages are particularly fucked up? In fucking Javascript. Because the two absolutely basic, crucial exceptions that you want to get and see every single time - NameError when you are adressing a class-ish or constant-ish something which is not defined and upp are simply impossible with the sloppy way the language is built.

And yes, functions are nice, and prototypes are nice and all that - but if you want to khow a JS app having any kind of reasonable complexity, you will be safe sex thailand to write code like this:.

I Searching Vip Sex Js i know i fucked up

What is the error that you will get if MyApp. WidgetView is not defined yet? Where will you get it? When the CollectionView will try to instantiate your item view.

Not when js i know i fucked up define the variable cvno no! It will explode fuckwdand rest assured - you will be tearing your hair out for a couple of js i know i fucked up until you see where the error came.

And why? Simply because everything is a hash and the language is incapable of doing any kind of introspection. It absolutely perplexes me that people who have used Ruby are moving to Node and calling it a good tool.

JavaScript: WTF?!? ยท Martin Thoma

Node might be great. The language running in it is shit though, and until this gets at least marginally better I will do without Node just fine, thank you. I can understand that some people wanted to escape the MRI infrastructure by going Node, because - you know - learning Japanese is hard.